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Caring for a Bonsai Tree. homes and gardens that have potted trees especially the bonsai type appear very beautiful. Many people think that I t is tedious to take care of a bonsai tree. However, you can easily maintain this type of trees if you are sure of what to do. There are different types of bonsai trees but for each one of them, a basic care routine remains the same. If you are planning to grow a bonsai tree, it is important to remember that each type has a specific requirements such as the amount of water, light, fertilizer and positioning. Just as any other type of tree and organism, bonsai trees also require a specific watering frequency and amount of water. Certain factors influences the amount of water needed by bonsai trees. These factors include the size of the tree and that of the containing pot. The type of soil and the season would also have an impact on the amount of water a bonsai tree would need.
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On of the things that you ought to do regularly is examining the soil below the surface of your bonsai tree. if the surface seems dry or feels dry, it is an indicator that you should water the tree. If the surface is averagely damp, it means that the tree possesses the right amount of moisture needed for growth.
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It’s of essence to avoid rigid watering routine as different species of bonsai trees have different rates of water absorption. Environmental conditions like humidity may also affect the trees. To ensure that your bonsai tree has enough amount of water, you should ensure that the entire rot system is soaked up with water. It is dangerous to over water a bonsai tree or to fail to water it at the recommended rate. It is important to ensure that your bonsai trees are grown in the appropriate type of soil. You can find premixed bonsai soils on the internet and other tree-care stores for bonsais. You can still decide to mix ingredients on your own after purchasing all of them. Through this, you will be mixing the ingredients considering what your bonsai trees specie needs. There are basically three important components that you ought to have in the mixture. The components are akdama, fine gravel and compost. Akdama is variety of clay soil that is mostly used for planting bonsai trees. If you can access akdama. you can still opt for cat litter or other hard clay varieties. You can make your bonsai tree adapt to the climate of your location.