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Few Signs That Will Indicate That Your Spouse Is An Addict

Many often your spouse may hide about his or her habit of addiction. If the behavior of the spouse is maintained same at home as before then it becomes very difficult for the spouse to suspect anything wrong. Sometimes even you may also deny if someone ever alleges about drug addiction against your spouse. In case you have never seen or experienced anybody with addiction then try to observe for following symptoms to know whether your spouse is struggling with drug abuse.

Physical symptom for drug or Alcohol abuse

Following are few symptoms that you may observe

  • Sleep pattern change

People with high on drug can remain awake for long hours and due to lack of sleep they may often become irritated and cannot concentrate on their work. When they are not using drug they may sleep for long stretches.

  • Eating disorder

Taking drugs may change the metabolism that may cause eating disorder. Alcohol addicts may gain weight while few drugs may cause losing weight quickly.

  • Change in hygienic habit

People with addiction often start getting less sensitive about their hygiene. If you notice the same with your spouse then get alerted.

  • Eyes

Observe the eyes which may appear to be dry, itchy and bloodshot.

  • Nose

Often sniffing and sneezing and sometime bloody noses

  • Physical marks

Injection marks at the creases of elbows and some other places on hand

  • Itching

Chronic itching skin due to reaction of drugs

  • Skin color

You may observe some changes in the color of skin. Alcohol addicts are often found skin of blotchy red.

  • Seizure

If there is no family or past history of epilepsy then seizure can be due to use of illicit drug.

  • Substances and drug paraphernalia

If you can find such things in car, office or home and this can be an indicator of substance abuse.

Emotional and behavioral symptoms of drug abuse

  • Being secretive and suspicious

Drug abusers normally try to be secretive which may raise suspicion

  • Lacks interest in hobbies

Drug addicts give up their hobbies like reading, playing video games, exercising and prefer to opt out from any kind of extra-curricular activities.

  • Frequent mood swings

If you notice your spouse getting frequently getting upset, irritated, worried or anxious then you may have the good reason to suspect.

  • Sudden new friends

If you notice your spouse have suddenly found new group of suspicious people as friends, who can be the supplier of drugs.

  • Abandoning old friends

When anyone starts addiction then they try to avoid their old friends.

  • Lack of motivation

Drug addicts usually may not be motivated to perform their daily chores and may remain absent from their work or job.

  • Poor job performance

Often they miss their target may often report late for duty

  • Lack of focus

Their mind remains preoccupied with drug and therefore cannot focus properly on any kind of activity.

Best remedy to get your spouse out of his or her addiction is through holistic treatment provided by Christian addiction treatment which not only treats the body and the mind but also their soul.