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Some Awesome References of Bali Activities

Bali always become perfect destinations to visit. This island has become famous as one of the wonderful destination for holiday or tourisms. Every day, there are always people coming from many places, even countries, to enjoy the beauty of this island. The island provides great things for its tourists. Combination of great cultural and religious heritages, awesome nature and hospitality make tourists get their quality time in this island. There are great bali activities to enjoy during the holiday in this place. For example, they can find the great cultural heritage in Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This is one of the great landmark in Bali. There is gigantic statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This is awesome statue to see. Then, the area of this statue is also great to explore. There are large area where tourists can find the great culture of Bali and they can also find the art performance when they come in the right time.

Of course, going to Bali should also go to the temples. There are various great temples in Bali. One of them is the Tanah Lot Temple. Among many other temples, this becomes one of the famous ones. The temple is great and beautiful. Two temples are built on offshore rock. The temple directly faces the ocean. Then, to reach the temple, tourists can find the way during the low tide. Visiting the temple provides great experience. The winds and wave of the ocean can be felt during the way to the temple and while standing on the temple itself. The view of the ocean is so beautiful to enjoy. Then, this place is famous for its sunset view. This is one of the best spot to enjoy sunset. Since it faces directly the ocean, the sunset can be seen very clearly. Surely, this is great choice of bali activities to do.

Then, the other choice of destination is West Bali National Park. This park is the good reference of bali activities who love to explore the nature. The national park is quite large. There are many great things to explore in this awesome national park. Of course, fresh air is the good point to enjoy in this national park.

  • It is true that the national park is quite large. Because of its size, this can cover different landscapes. There are forests, savanna, and also mangrove forest. With these different landscapes, of course it is great chance to explore. There will be various floras and faunas to find while walking through the trees. They can also see the Bali Starling as the iconic bird in Bali.
  • Other landscape to enjoy is the beach. There is also protected beach inside this national park. This is very beautiful beach to see. Then, when travelers want to dive and see the marine life, they can go to the Menjangan Island. This is offshore island and still part of this national park. The underwater life around this island is very exotic and attractive, so it is perfect spot for diving. There are many kinds of fish and coral, so there will be only satisfaction of seeing the underwater life.